I want to have some of my dolls deleted:(

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I want to have some of my dolls deleted:(

Postby wigsmaker » Thu May 21, 2015 6:54 pm

Hello dear webmanagers. This is my second dollandthecity acc. I've logged in from here because my basic acc (mch2010) isnt logging in to this forum:( and i want to ask you if you could make that happen cuz it says that i have passed the log in number something... and it wants me to type a letter for example (3yG7) but nothing happens!! anyway the reason i am here is that i want you to delete some of my dolls in mch2010 account. i want to have tony, chealsea, rosemary and danny deleted. but..can i atleast have my 50$ for each doll back?:( it's a pitty for all these money to go for waste. Um.. i want the clothes they wear please keep them xD thanks a lot:)
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