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Doll of The Day

Postby xxprincessnessyxx » Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:42 pm

Hello its Vanessa you'd probaly see my name on many suggestion forms , i love participating thats why.

But anyways i think there should be i thing on the Homepage that shows a random doll ,that has been selected to be the doll of the day, or you can call it The Doll Of The City Today, or somthing like that.

For example : There is a vote ( Doll of the day) button on everybodys home page , and people can chose to vote that person , as doll of the day , if that doll has enough votes casted , one of their dolls will be displayed.

Further example: For instance theres a vote button on everyones home page , and some people go to stephanies page and click on the vote button , then a message will say ( THANKS FOR CASTING YOUR VOTE FOR THIS PERON) Then if stephanie has more than enough votes from everyone else , she is the Doll Of The City , or DOLL OF THE DAY. and her doll will be displayed on the first main homepage for everyone to see. :P
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