Fix Marketplace please

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Fix Marketplace please

Postby LadyCoco » Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:05 am

The marketplace needs a BIG revamp.
It is so disorganized I can't even find the pool I put for sale.
I think there should be a search box so I can type in the items that I want to find.

Also, I understand that users need VIP to sell in the marketplace, but I was thinking that users should be allowed to buy in the marketplace without VIP.
It's nice to have a place to sell old items, but I feel like no one uses the marketplace. Either they can't use it or they can't find what they want in it.
What is the point of selling your old stuff if it doesn't sell?

It needs to be re-organized and made a bigger part of the website so people know that they can also buy from the marketplace.
I don't know how many times I bought something in the wrong color or an ugly color that I needed to "return."

If the marketplace can't be fixed, then maybe shops should have a "return" button that refunds the item for like half of its price. It could be a feature available to VIP members only, that way it would still be like the marketplace, but without the mess.
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