BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby redcanndy » Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:09 am

Believe it or not in the journey of life you have to fall, in other to learn how to get up and never to fall again,,,, no matter what it is that made you fall,,,,
In life you have to be betrayed,,,, in other for you to learn how to select the one you can lay your TRUST on,,,,,
In life you really need to hear this word,,,, it's Alright,,, Even though you know quite well it isn't,, but you have to hear it and Breathe in,,,, maybe on your way Breathing out,,, it might really be Alright.......

Always try to ease yourself,,, To avoid the Bladder of your life from BURSTING OUT...... That might cost you much if you allow it to happen.... Dear don't let that come into existence,,, Ease it out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can share your Facts of life here,,,, there are people in need of it....... Give it a shot.....
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Re: BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby diana4eva » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:31 pm

aww hey i like what u said its so true! and u know im havin lots of arguments with friends and its kinda sad i miss talkin 2 them and its all cuz of all things! =( its not fair i dunno what 2 do but this time i dont think its alright
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